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Have fun in the Yoo Moov Stations in Vill'Up shopping center

Informations about Yoo Moov Stations from Vill'Up.

Yoo Moov Stations

Floor -1 - Parc / Géode

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Yoo Moov Stations

Yoo Moov Stations, the hyperspace amusement park, will be one of Vill'Up's flagship activities and a world exclusive!
You'll embark on board the Moov Machine for virtual voyages in hyperspace, in the company of Yoo and Moov heroes. After a spectacular take-off, you'll engage in a series of interactive missions including spacecraft races and extra-terrestrial phaser fights!
360-degree screens, 3D images and 5Di, dynamic flight simulation seats… Prepare yourself for stunning special effects!

From 7 years of age. 2 trips available. Bookings on or on site (subject to availability).